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Caveman Supper Club

I was listening to a podcast the other morning by Vinnie Tortorich, America's Angriest Trainer. Vinnie trains the stars of Hollywood and he's my “sort-of-personal-trainer”, courtesy of the world wide web. He just doesn't know it. Which saves me a bloody fortune in fees! During his conversation, he made a comment: “If you want to…

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Let’s Get Started (Again)

I've read a lot over the last couple of months. Mostly books relating to how I can improve the quality of life, both for myself as well as others. Somewhere along the way I kept forgetting to write on my blog… So, here we are again. 1) I simplified the front page of the blotto…

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Renaissance Of Self

I believe that our world suffered a shock to it’s system after the recession hit us several years ago. Well, at least my world did. Ten years ago my focus was financial success. The almighty dollar drove all. It was the symbol of business success. This was the case for many an American. But the…

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Something Besides Running

Check It Out!  Podcast Version! [powerpress] I know. You’re shocked right?! Me too. This ranks right up there with me swearing off coffee! My thoughts after my last half-marathon is that I wanted to run leaner and faster. I started doing some research on timing my run and ran across an article (again in Runner’s…

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Finding My Baseline

Positively Pissed Off

I was reading the March 2012 edition of Runner’s World when I stumbled across one of my favorite sections to screen: The New Shoes For Spring! I was so excited! My trusty pair of Brooks are pretty much spent. They say 500 miles is about max on a pair of shoes. They did get me…

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Progress Of Things

Well, we are in to Week 4 of Marathon training! So far, so good! Even better news for us runner types, the weather has finally broken a bit! After 80+ days at over 100°F, your mood starts to fry. I was just getting exhausted because the only time I could run was at the crack…

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Let The Training Begin!

Well, week number one of training for Memphis has come to an end. Overall, it was a good week: All of the target miles were hit All of the paces were kept Core training was completed Cross training was completed All in all, I was able to stay on task with every step of the…

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Dealing With Heat

It’s 8 o’clock at night. The sun is creeping out of sight over the horizon. I’m lacing up my ASICS and starting to anticipate what could be one of the hardest runs of my career. “Quit whining, Uppie. So it’s 8 o’clock. What’s the big deal?”. It’s still 100°F outside with over 80% humidity, that’s…

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Less Than A Month To Go

August 22nd is the first official day of “Marathon Training” for me. That sounds very ominous to me considering I’ve just finished the laziest week in years. I ran one time in the last 7 days. The vacation was good, pounds were added and now it’s time for me to get back on my palomino….

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