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The Law Of Attraction

I’ve spending some time, at the recommendation of a friend, studying the “Law Of Attraction”. The premise is this: “Our thoughts and feelings create our existence“ Essentially if you think negatively, or feel negatively, you are likely to “reap” more of the same. On the flip side of that coin, if your are happy and…

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Bring Me To Life

I’ve had a bit of a challenge being consistent in my writing. To be clear, I write more for my own benefit than anything else. It’s my way of putting my random thoughts to pen and trying to make sense of them. Now for my most recent mental rumblings… _____________________________ My topic today is life:…

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A Little Weed Pulling

  Well, April showers brings May flowers. What do May flowers bring? Not much if you don’t tend to the soil, water and light… Your mind is much like that cluttered closet or a weed-stricken garden: There’s some weeds that need pulling and junk that needs to be tossed! Let’s start with a couple of…

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Something Besides Running

Check It Out! ¬†Podcast Version! [powerpress] I know. You’re shocked right?! Me too. This ranks right up there with me swearing off coffee! My thoughts after my last half-marathon is that I wanted to run leaner and faster. I started doing some research on timing my run and ran across an article (again in Runner’s…

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Let The Training Begin!

Well, week number one of training for Memphis has come to an end. Overall, it was a good week: All of the target miles were hit All of the paces were kept Core training was completed Cross training was completed All in all, I was able to stay on task with every step of the…

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