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A Poke In The “I”

A Poke In The ‘I’ Learning The Value Of a Team Over the past couple of years I’ve been lucky to learn a lot of life lessons. I learned that: I can change my shape. I can change my career. I can change my activities. I can change me! Read those statements closely! It’s all…

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Positively Pissed Off

I was reading the March 2012 edition of Runner’s World when I stumbled across one of my favorite sections to screen: The New Shoes For Spring! I was so excited! My trusty pair of Brooks are pretty much spent. They say 500 miles is about max on a pair of shoes. They did get me…

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When one thinks of the word Charity, a few thoughts come to mind. “Crap, they want money again!” “That’s what you do when you want a tax break.“ “You have to have money to give money.“ “I don’t have time to dedicate to such a venture.” Everyone thinks that time and money will be required,…

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Who Would I Love To Be?

Who would I love to be? Talk about a wickedly intense question.  It’s probably very similar to the question one would ask when praying, “God, why am I here?” The key to this truth lies in your talents.  You have been given gifts that directly impact how you behave naturally.  Also, you’ll notice that you…

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Are You An Astronaut Or Zoo Keeper?

Looking back on my childhood, the career choice of “Service Manager” was not on my list alphabetically between “Astronaut” and “Zoo Keeper”. Oddly enough, I don’t even think it was on the list my guidance counsellor gave me… Mind you, I’m not knocking my career.  It actually fits me fairly well.  But more about that…

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