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Just Five Minutes & Just For Men

As I pulled into the lot, I saw this extremely gaunt elderly man walking from the parking lot of the Chinese restaurant next door. He was carrying a backpack and three or four brightly colored t-shirts in his left hand.

He was making a bee line toward the CVS entrance.

My first thought was, “Crap. He’s going to ask for money or try to sell me something”.

The Negative Side Of Pareto

I mentioned in the last post that I wasn’t going to talk about people.

I didn’t.

Last week.

In that post.

Dealing With Anxiety

Sorry, couldn’t resist a goofy picture of a cat…

This post has a more serious tone than most. Especially for me.

If you’ve ever met me, you know I can be an emotional roller coaster. That is likely an understatement.

I’m downright crazy sometimes.

Ride The Lightening

If you don't know that I'm a Metallica fan by now, we probably aren't that close. So let me clarify: I'm a Metallica fan! The title “Ride The Lightening” seemed appropriate for this post. Have you ever watched lightening chase across the sky? It will run in the clouds. Sometimes it will just be a…

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The Law Of Attraction

I’ve spending some time, at the recommendation of a friend, studying the “Law Of Attraction”. The premise is this: “Our thoughts and feelings create our existence“ Essentially if you think negatively, or feel negatively, you are likely to “reap” more of the same. On the flip side of that coin, if your are happy and…

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Doing The Right Thing

I had a conversation with a friend the other morning about the successes (and short comings) of a recent running event I helped put together. If you read my last post, I talked about my focus being a little skewed toward money. Basically using it as a benchmark of my performance. I guess it is…

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Renaissance Of Self

I believe that our world suffered a shock to it’s system after the recession hit us several years ago. Well, at least my world did. Ten years ago my focus was financial success. The almighty dollar drove all. It was the symbol of business success. This was the case for many an American. But the…

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One + One = Three

Me being a former Arkansan has nothing to do with my math as noted in the title. It’s just me making a point. (Just explains the poor use of grammar). The point is this: The way I’ve been living my live just doesn’t add up! Confused? Me too. Let me break it down a bit…

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Who Would I Love To Be?

Who would I love to be? Talk about a wickedly intense question.  It’s probably very similar to the question one would ask when praying, “God, why am I here?” The key to this truth lies in your talents.  You have been given gifts that directly impact how you behave naturally.  Also, you’ll notice that you…

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Are You An Astronaut Or Zoo Keeper?

Looking back on my childhood, the career choice of “Service Manager” was not on my list alphabetically between “Astronaut” and “Zoo Keeper”. Oddly enough, I don’t even think it was on the list my guidance counsellor gave me… Mind you, I’m not knocking my career.  It actually fits me fairly well.  But more about that…

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