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Why Positive Thinking, Alone, Doesn’t Work

Why Positive Thinking, Alone, Doesn’t Work Three Things You Must Add To Your Attitude It’s an ominous message to those of us who spent years reading Norman Vincent Peale’s Power Of Positive Thinking. Having that positive attitude has always been elusive. Bad days bring bad thoughts. The struggle has always been to keep that smile…

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Progress Of Things

Well, we are in to Week 4 of Marathon training! So far, so good! Even better news for us runner types, the weather has finally broken a bit! After 80+ days at over 100°F, your mood starts to fry. I was just getting exhausted because the only time I could run was at the crack…

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Dealing With Heat

It’s 8 o’clock at night. The sun is creeping out of sight over the horizon. I’m lacing up my ASICS and starting to anticipate what could be one of the hardest runs of my career. “Quit whining, Uppie. So it’s 8 o’clock. What’s the big deal?”. It’s still 100°F outside with over 80% humidity, that’s…

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Less Than A Month To Go

August 22nd is the first official day of “Marathon Training” for me. That sounds very ominous to me considering I’ve just finished the laziest week in years. I ran one time in the last 7 days. The vacation was good, pounds were added and now it’s time for me to get back on my palomino….

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Who Would I Love To Be?

Who would I love to be? Talk about a wickedly intense question.  It’s probably very similar to the question one would ask when praying, “God, why am I here?” The key to this truth lies in your talents.  You have been given gifts that directly impact how you behave naturally.  Also, you’ll notice that you…

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Are You An Astronaut Or Zoo Keeper?

Looking back on my childhood, the career choice of “Service Manager” was not on my list alphabetically between “Astronaut” and “Zoo Keeper”. Oddly enough, I don’t even think it was on the list my guidance counsellor gave me… Mind you, I’m not knocking my career.  It actually fits me fairly well.  But more about that…

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