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Penalty! Excessive Weight Loss Celebration

This post is strictly for those who’ve lost (weight) and loved (food) again. I’ve been pretty proud of myself for losing 100+ pounds. It was a tremendous goal and a lot of work to get there. I relaxed. I celebrated. I put pounds back on. Thirty to be exact. Why did I do that? I…

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Redistribution Of Wealth – The Election Method

Let me first say I truly believe I live in the greatest nation in the world. I’m proud to be an American. My faith in the Red, White and Blue stands strong. Always has and always will.

Let me say secondly, it is time to take this country back.

How does an election make cash change hands?

Dealing With Anxiety

Sorry, couldn’t resist a goofy picture of a cat…

This post has a more serious tone than most. Especially for me.

If you’ve ever met me, you know I can be an emotional roller coaster. That is likely an understatement.

I’m downright crazy sometimes.

Best Laid Plans Of The Mouse

You've heard the phrase “Best laid plans of mice and men” right? I put a few to pen last week and set my sights high toward a great week ahead. My goals included: Adding some miles. Dropping some pounds. Gaining some motivation. Getting consistent in writing. Guess what?! I didn't achieve a damn one of…

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Let’s Get Started (Again)

I've read a lot over the last couple of months. Mostly books relating to how I can improve the quality of life, both for myself as well as others. Somewhere along the way I kept forgetting to write on my blog… So, here we are again. 1) I simplified the front page of the blotto…

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One + One = Three

Me being a former Arkansan has nothing to do with my math as noted in the title. It’s just me making a point. (Just explains the poor use of grammar). The point is this: The way I’ve been living my live just doesn’t add up! Confused? Me too. Let me break it down a bit…

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Introducing The Wheel

It’s been said that you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel… However it would be nice to reintroduce it to folks. You’re probably thinking “What the hell are you talking about Eric?”. Let me phrase it another way: Sometimes people lose their basic knowledge and common sense! So reintroducing the wheel is much like a refresher course….

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Ok gang! Welcome back to the blog and the New Year for me! So much to talk about… Where I’m headed. Where this blog is headed. Needless to say, large doses of ‘Focus’, ‘Consistency’ and ‘Determination’ are in order for this to work. Here’s the rundown by category: Health & Fitness Run a Half Marathon by…

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