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Blog Therapy

You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve written for my blog. It is quite a shame, really. I find that writing is very therapeutic for me. I really hope that most of you who choose to read it find some benefit, but I do it more for my own well-being. I redesigned the site a…

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Penalty! Excessive Weight Loss Celebration

This post is strictly for those who’ve lost (weight) and loved (food) again. I’ve been pretty proud of myself for losing 100+ pounds. It was a tremendous goal and a lot of work to get there. I relaxed. I celebrated. I put pounds back on. Thirty to be exact. Why did I do that? I…

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Wrong Questions, Wrong Damned Answers

The “downs” left me asking “What am I going to do?!”.

That question caught my attention…

This is a question that is born more out of desperation and panic than anything else.


What The Hell Is This Blog Good For?

I’ve done a mighty fine job of telling YOU what to DO.

I’ve invested a lot of time in telling YOU how to change, telling YOU how to be a better person, telling YOU how to lose weight, and telling YOU how to get into shape.

Caveman Supper Club

I was listening to a podcast the other morning by Vinnie Tortorich, America's Angriest Trainer. Vinnie trains the stars of Hollywood and he's my “sort-of-personal-trainer”, courtesy of the world wide web. He just doesn't know it. Which saves me a bloody fortune in fees! During his conversation, he made a comment: “If you want to…

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Project 5210

Well, my weight loss has stalled. Don’t be surprised! It’s me making bad decisions on a daily basis! If you’ve followed any of my efforts lately, you know that most if my fundraising and community support has gone into a program called Project 5210. Project 5210 is a free weight management program for children and…

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Something Besides Running

Check It Out!  Podcast Version! [powerpress] I know. You’re shocked right?! Me too. This ranks right up there with me swearing off coffee! My thoughts after my last half-marathon is that I wanted to run leaner and faster. I started doing some research on timing my run and ran across an article (again in Runner’s…

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Lifting The Fog

How I Quit Smoking You know I smoked for about 22 years. I started when I was the age of 15.  I had a good friend of mine who talked me into trying it. Having the addictive personality that I do, I thought “Why not?”. I got that funny little light-headed buzz and thought “Hey,…

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Finding My Baseline

Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter How The Food Industry Hides Behind Serving Sizes You’re standing in the aisle of your favorite grocery store, staring at the back of a label on your favorite food. “250 calories ain’t bad!” you say to yourself. But wait! There ’s math to be done. (I sucked at math in school by…

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