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Turnpike Trauma

After about 10 miles of panic, I managed to raise $1.12.

I was short by 63 cents.

I was praying for mercy…


What The Hell Is This Blog Good For?

I’ve done a mighty fine job of telling YOU what to DO.

I’ve invested a lot of time in telling YOU how to change, telling YOU how to be a better person, telling YOU how to lose weight, and telling YOU how to get into shape.

Would You Like Some Change?

Would you like some change? Yeah, so would I. I spent a little time reviewing some statistics on my blog and I became completely fascinated with a couple of them: I have hundreds of readers You live in 3 countries (albeit 1 country has 1 reader – Thank You Australia!) I’m read in 23 states…

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Bad Gas

I spent a few reflective hours thinking about why it was, that on certain runs, I was left feeling completely wiped out. Even worse, I would have to pause during the run just to rest my legs. What used to be an “Easy 6 Miles” became hard.  Really hard. Fatigue hasn’t been in my vocabulary…

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My 15 Milliseconds Of Fame

Check out the news broadcast… You’ll have to look quick! The other upside? This will be one awesome event to attend. Battle On The Border                            

Finding My Blog Focus

So I’ve been writing about how to stay on task with some of the goals in your life.  Finding a wingman, defining your goals and just not giving up. One goal I’ve made is to focus my blog on what I enjoy. So you are going to see a more focused look at: Weight Loss Running…

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You’ve heard the biblical proverb, “Pride goeth before a fall”, right? I think that this is an ominous warning about being boastful and too full of pride. But I also feel that this doesn’t apply if you are expressing pride in someone beside yourself. That being said, let’s talk about my brother Mark. Over the…

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When one thinks of the word Charity, a few thoughts come to mind. “Crap, they want money again!” “That’s what you do when you want a tax break.“ “You have to have money to give money.“ “I don’t have time to dedicate to such a venture.” Everyone thinks that time and money will be required,…

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Leaving A Legacy Of Being Overweight

Childhood Obesity Today, more than ever, our nation has become “larger” in stature.  If you look at our children today, we adults have set a miserable example of what health should be. Here’s something I bet you didn’t know from the auto industry.  Did you know that import vehicles are built a bit bigger for…

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Well, ladies and gents.  Welcome back to a blog post! I know I haven’t completed one in some time, but life has been somewhat distracting. I’m sure you can relate, right? Anyway, back to writing a bit more about goals and health. First, I’d like to say that: “I ran my first half-marathon!” Ok, now…

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