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My Life Lesson From A Starbucks Manager

For the first time in my life, I think I accepted that not everything is because of a me and began to work on how I see things.

I started to view each failure after that in a different light.

Redistribution Of Wealth – The Election Method

Let me first say I truly believe I live in the greatest nation in the world. I’m proud to be an American. My faith in the Red, White and Blue stands strong. Always has and always will.

Let me say secondly, it is time to take this country back.

How does an election make cash change hands?

Turnpike Trauma

After about 10 miles of panic, I managed to raise $1.12.

I was short by 63 cents.

I was praying for mercy…


What The Hell Is This Blog Good For?

I’ve done a mighty fine job of telling YOU what to DO.

I’ve invested a lot of time in telling YOU how to change, telling YOU how to be a better person, telling YOU how to lose weight, and telling YOU how to get into shape.

The Negative Side Of Pareto

I mentioned in the last post that I wasn’t going to talk about people.

I didn’t.

Last week.

In that post.

The Positive Side Of Pareto

The Devil is in the details, right?

So I thought, too.

Over the last few weeks, I have really studied how to narrow down the field of distractions in my life to make a positive change in my life.

Dealing With Anxiety

Sorry, couldn’t resist a goofy picture of a cat…

This post has a more serious tone than most. Especially for me.

If you’ve ever met me, you know I can be an emotional roller coaster. That is likely an understatement.

I’m downright crazy sometimes.

You’re Asking The Wrong Question

How often have you asked the question, “Why am I here on this planet anyway”? We all do. I have and I’d bet you have too. But is it the wrong question to ask? Often we see people the world calls “successful” or “happy” and think that they must have found their purpose. They give…

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Decide – The One Step Process For Change

One of the many memories I have is the day that I decided to quit smoking. It wasn’t really a profound day.  It wasn’t a “Dove From Above” that landed on my shoulder and said “Eric, you should quit”. Admittedly that would’ve been an attention-getter.  But it didn’t happen. I was about half way through…

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You Don’t Talk Like That

There are always pleasant surprises that crop up. Like the fact that this blog is read in over 40 states in the US.  Not to mention about 10 other countries as well. I thought I was boring.  Whodathunkit… I tell you that to set you up for the next story. This story starts with a…

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