November 24 / / Food & Wine
February 18 / / Motivation

My thoughts are all driven by one emotion: Angst.

Mostly I am angry at my life of “impressing others”.

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January 10 / / Motivation

2012 left this world with some challenges out there for me to tackle.

2013 came roaring in, bringing more challenges with it.

Time to be the captain of my soul…

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January 1 / / Health
December 17 / / Motivation

I just sat there for what seemed an eternity with my head in my hands, completely consumed with tears of failure.

How could I have come so far and just lose it all?

I lost the trust of my family and children.

I betrayed the families that depended on the success of my business for their incomes.

My dream of being a restauranteur went up in flames…

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