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It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas Time!

Every year things always seem to get sentimental.IMG_5285

I remember back to the days as a kid, living in Johnson, Arkansas.

My family were big believers in the “Christmas Experience”.

  • The tree.
  • Grandpa and/or Dad dressing up as Santa.
  • Presents, big or small. Parents hiding Christmas presents.
  • Us kids trying to find out where the Christmas presents were hiding.
  • Learning how to act surprised if we did find the present stash.
  • Driving and looking at Christmas lights.
  • Feeling the chill in the air.
  • Seeing the stars at night on Christmas Eve, feeling the anticipation of the gifts and excitement to come.

This year, I feel those all to familiar feelings. But the anticipation is different this year.

This year my gift is peace.

Knowing that all is going to be ok.

I have my family around me this weekend. I feel loved, regardless of my past. I feel secure in knowing all is ok.

This one still evening I sit and think…

I’m blessed.

Enjoy the silence of Christmas Eve. Share in it with those you love where you can, however you can.

Some may have left us in the past year or two. But you can still sit and enjoy their company in the quiet.

Smile and remember those who’ve gone before us.

Smile and be thankful for those to come.

All has purpose. Including you.

Merry Christmas

Eric • 12/24/2014

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