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Blog Therapy

You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve written for my blog.

It is quite a shame, really.

I find that writing is very therapeutic for me. I really hope that most of you who choose to read it find some benefit, but I do it more for my own well-being.

I redesigned the site a bit & hopefully made it simple to navigate.

I did, however, add more topics.

I like more things than just running and weight loss, so I figured I would start expanding my “expressions” into different topics.


This is where you’ll be most likely to find the upbeat, positive vibe, rah-rah kind of posts. Things that I have found over time that have helped me be a bit more well-rounded.

You might find things that you’ve read before. You might learn something new.

Either way, I hope this section of writing is beneficial and helpful for you…

Sometimes I need the crash course in positive thinking every now and then.


Here you will find the weight loss and running part of my life.

It has played a big part of my life. I lost focus. Working at it again. Hopefully it’s something that maybe a few of us can do together?

Who knows…

Food & Wine

Here is something I find near and dear to my heart: eating and drinking.

I experiment with new recipes and drinks when I decide to spend time in the kitchen. I also like to visit new and unique places, such as vineyards and local mom & pops restaurants.

So I will share my new experiences and tastes, show off some recipes and give you glimpse into my dining habits…


Ok, brace yourself for this category.

Here you are likely to see some very odd opinion pieces, political tirades, conspiracy theories and pictures of pets.

Just to name a few…

In Conclusion

So thank you for keeping me on your radar over the years. I hope you find help, insight, new ideas or just some light-hearted entertainment in what I share.

See you with some new stuff next week!



P.S. Seeking a personal life habit coach?

Eric • 11/24/2014

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