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Shifting Gears

Something happened in my life that pulled me up by the collar, got me off my knees, backhanded me across the face and woke me up from the fog I've been living in.

To say these things are personal are an understatement. Expect zero details.

But my epiphany is profound.

1) Happiness comes within first. It's hard to experience any peace if you loathe yourself.

2) Dropping the walls of self-defense I've built is hard, but so very worth it.

3) Being concerned about what “others think” has too much control. I can be respectful, but still own my own life.

I know this may sound like Greek to most of you. But for one many words are due.

Ok, done with that.

Let's shift gears.

The blog is going to take a turn.

In the past, I've been big on promoting motivation, weight loss, running, etc. A healthy and positive lifestyle.

I'm still all about that. I am working at getting myself back to where I want to be in those areas. When I foster and take care of myself physically and mentally, I feel great. I think everyone should feel that way.

Bigger things are afoot in our world today.

My “fear of others' opinions” tells me that my words should avoid politics, conspiracies and the like.

But reason, and my unyielding desire to be free (as we all should be in the greatest country in the world) are being insulted by the media and our government.

“Oh shit, he's joined a cult” might be your first thought. That's far from the truth.

I have just simply decided to see the world with an open mind and educate myself and not be force-fed “the truth”.

I don't like what I see.

Expect a different twist in the next post.

It's time to share my healthy distrust of authority.

I'm likely to lose some of you. I'm ok with that. I hope you are too. We can go our merry little way.

I can differ in opinion with you and still respect you.

My wish for you is that you can do the same.

For those who share my concerns, please feel free to engage.

See you on the flip side, mi amigos.

Eric • 08/31/2013

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