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Penalty! Excessive Weight Loss Celebration

This post is strictly for those who’ve lost (weight) and loved (food) again.

I’ve been pretty proud of myself for losing 100+ pounds. It was a tremendous goal and a lot of work to get there.

I relaxed.

I celebrated.

I put pounds back on.

Thirty to be exact.

Why did I do that?

I Felt Invincible

As long as I was running, the weight seemed to stay fairly flat.

Problem was: I stopped running.

For awhile, I was really kind of burned out on it.

I also neglected to add any other physical activity in it’s place.

Poof! The weight returned….

So, now that I know I am not perfect and that I’m not invincible, here comes the rub.

What goes up, must come back down…

See you on the streets!

And thanks for the motivation…

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Eric • 07/02/2013

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