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Bringing The Right People To The Party

Bringing Friends To The Party

Creating A Think Tank

Recently I have been approached by some organizations to start some community projects.

I am honored and excited about all of them!

I quickly realized that the daunting “to-do” list involved with each project is massive and overwhelming.

Almost enough to make you want to stop.

So, this blog post is a short “how-to” on creating a team and a think tank behind your project.

Choosing The Right Players

It sounds like it would be hard to find a group of like-minded people to help you get your project off the ground floor.

I have two practices that help me find the right people:

A) Research who you know
Spend some time patrolling your Facebook friends, your contact list or reminisce about those that you have working relationships with.

With your project in mind, you can find a short list of people you know that are willing and excited to a part of what you are doing.

B) Talk about it
Be open about your projects when you speak with others.

You’d be surprised how people will react and even offer to help.

My favorite comments are “Wow, you know I know someone who would love to help with that” or “What kind of help do you need?”

People will flock to you, but you have to advertise your project to get their involvement.

They aren’t mind readers.

Lay Out Your Goals

As the leader, your objectives for your project need to be clear.

Developing a “Mission Statement” is a great idea.

Gather input from your think tank and make your “Mission” your moral compass for your project.

So when the grind of politics start taking away from what you are trying to accomplish, you can always simplify the agenda by looking back at what you are really trying to accomplish.

Long Of The Short

You can’t do it alone.

So don’t even try‚Ķ.

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Eric • 06/25/2013

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