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Ahoy, Captain!

2012 left this world with some challenges out there for me to tackle.

2013 came roaring in, bringing more challenges with it.

I’ve seen:

  • A downturn in business, albeit temporary.
  • A government that seems to have lost touch with reality.
  • An American people that seems to not really care that we are burying our next generation with mountains of debt.
  • A world that is riddled with wars, and rumors of war.
  • Friends turn on friends.

I’ve seen too much.

The other day I read a book that contained the following statement:

“You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul”.

I took pause and just let that one sink in.

How in the hell does this Henley guy (author of the phrase) think that I have control over all of the things that seem to be going on around me?

How does “little ol’ me” have control over the economy, shameful and misguided politicians or even the events in Syria?

My brain had to break it down a bit more.

“My fate” and “My soul” are the two topics at hand.

I can control how I react to situations. I can control what excuses I accept, especially from myself. I can control what my heart focuses on. I can control my tongue (or try really hard to). I can drive my business they way it needs to be. I can coach people to be what they need to be to accomplish my goals. I can control my faith. I can control how and where I invest my time. I can control everything that affects “my fate” and “my soul”.

So, take this as fair warning.

I am the master my fate. I have taken the wheel of my soul.

What I desire will become real.

Please don’t stand in the way.

Eric • 01/10/2013

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