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Wrong Questions, Wrong Damned Answers

It’s Not “What I’m Going To Do” That Matters

2012 had it’s ups and downs for sure.

There were great success early in the year on the business front, but slowed toward the end. Amazing and rapid changes in business models caused some creativity.

We had some wonderful travel experiences. We saw new sights.

I experienced new growth in my pants size.

I found a deeper sense of happiness.

We finished the year missing some of those people close to us.

We saw visions breathe life, while some dreams died.

And just like last year, I have lofty “resolutions” for 2013.

  • Making “I Run These Streets” a household name in Shreveport/Bossier.
  • Take 30 pounds off.
  • Get consistent with my running and get some more medals!
  • Spend more time investing in others in the community.
  • Experience exponential business growth.
  • Develop closer relationships at home.
  • Create new friendships abroad.

I’m sure you’ve got a list like this somewhere, too.

Whether you keep it on paper or just in your mind, we all have a desire to change “something” in our lives.

I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on the past, but I would say, like many of you, 2012 wasn’t a cake walk.

The “ups” were great.

The “downs” left me asking “What am I going to do?!”.

That question caught my attention…

This is a question that is born more out of desperation and panic than anything else.

“How am I going to do it?” seems more appropriate.

This following lesson that I have learned is extremely important:

I’ve noticed that when I ask “Why”, my mind responds with excuses. (Poor, poor pitiful me! What ever will I do?!)

When I ask “How” my mind starts coming up with answers.

As I laser beam my focus on 2013, I wanted to filter my goals with three questions:

  1. Is it something I love?
  2. How will I get it done?
  3. When will I get started?

Love Your “Why”

I started running years ago as a means to lose weight.

I would head out on the streets damn near every day putting on miles, setting goals and usually beating them.

I love to run. It’s my meditation. It’s where I can go challenge myself every day.

You’ll notice that half of my goals this year center around this one activity.

Deep down inside, I know I love to run. I also hate it when I don’t run like I should.

But I’m passionate about running, and that is what will drive me to want to do it.

So re-read that paragraph and replace “run” or “running” with the goal you have in mind and ask yourself, “Am I passionate about it?”.

Learn Your “How”

With everything new (or renewed) there is a path to getting to where you want to be.

I will be spending the first quarter following a training plan for a half-marathon distance run. The half-marathon is probably the most fun run length for me and keeps me in good physical shape.

To get where I need to be, I have a “Training Plan” that I follow each week that leads up to my desired goal.

Whatever goal you might have must come with a plan.

If it’s something you’ve never done, read up on it. As I often say, “Google is a powerful tool“.

Look up what you’re interested in. I guarantee you aren’t alone and someone out there has put it on the web for you to find.

Embrace Your “When”

All things gain momentum with one single blast of “massive action”.

Without stepping out and making the first move, you’ll stay stuck in the “Why” and “How” phases wondering “What if?”.

Nothing kickstarts a running plan like lacing up your sneakers, putting on your timing watch, tuning in your favorite music and just walking down the street.

It all starts with motion.

And you’ve got to create it.

Ask The Right Questions

After filtering my “resolutions” against this list, you see above what I’ve settled on this year.

They’ve all met the criteria.

Let me tell you this…

  • Without the passion, the “How” won’t matter. It won’t get done with out passion.
  • If I love it but don’t know how to accomplish it, I will freeze.
  • If I find what I love, study the “how” but don’t take action on it, I’ll go insane!

In 2013, I will make sure I love my “why”, learn my “how” and take massive action.

Here’s to you and your dreams in 2013.

Eric • 01/01/2013

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