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Redistribution Of Wealth – The Election Method

I’ve often held my tongue on matters of politics and where I see this country going.

I work retail, so I usually keep my political opinions quiet.

If you can’t say anything nice”, right?

Well, I’m done with that.

Let’s Talk “Election”

I’m not one to tip over the apple cart, but I’m reaching a point if disgust.

Let me first say I truly believe I live in the greatest nation in the world. I’m proud to be an American. My faith in the Red, White and Blue stands strong. Always has and always will.

Let me say secondly, it is time to take this country back.

We have been hijacked by a political system driven by those who hold the gold.

I don’t know any other way to put it.

Problem #1

When did running for President require an individual be wealthy?

I’m sure that times have change since George Washington ran for office, but damn.

Look at this infographic I quietly “borrowed” from












Look closely at that number and then begin to tell me how that is justified?

Sure, you’ve got to get word out about your campaign, but what kind of impact could people have with that kind of money?

I think it’s time to take back our country.

Return it to it’s greatness and stop building on a two generations of debt while running for office.

Talk about Redistribution of Wealth!

Looks like the media are the recipients.

Trust me, I could do so much more with that kind of money. And make a difference.

Eric Upton – Presidential Candidate 2016


Eric • 12/03/2012

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