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The Negative Side Of Pareto

The Negative Side Of Pareto

Last time I posted “The Positive Side Of Pareto”. Or as I would like to call it, “The Happy Go-Lucky Side of the 80/20 Rule”.

Let me refresh you on the definition:

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

I looked at how you can focus on the most effective 20% of your activity to yield the highest impact or result.

I also mentioned in the last post that I wasn’t going to talk about people.

I didn’t.

Last week.

In that post.

Buying Back Your Time

Before I go any further with this topic, please understand that just because you take up someone’s time doesn’t mean that you are invaluable. Please don’t mistake that.

I had a conversation with a co-worker not too long ago and we discussed the 80/20 rule and how it applied to people who consume your time.

If you are on a specific mission to complete a project and someone stops by for coffee and wants to talk about fishing, that’s great!

But only if it is at a time that allows for the focus to be on something social.

Building relationships with people is important. But when the chips are down, you have to do it on your schedule or you’ll never get ahead.

That 20% of the crowd will take 80% of your time.

Your Project

Make a list this week as you encounter people and consider which category they may fit .

Those who are assets and consume little time you should continue working with them like you are.

Those who aren’t, start working on controlling those interactions and limit them as much as you can.

Also keep in mind that you should love all and treat others with respect.

Just learning to balance the world…

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Eric • 11/12/2012

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