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Decide – The One Step Process For Change

One of the many memories I have is the day that I decided to quit smoking.

It wasn’t really a profound day.  It wasn’t a “Dove From Above” that landed on my shoulder and said “Eric, you should quit”.

Admittedly that would’ve been an attention-getter.  But it didn’t happen.

I was about half way through my weight loss objectives when two thoughts dawned on me:

  1. It’s a bitch trying to run and smoke.
  2. How smart is it to lose weight and extend your life, only to end up with lung cancer.

Sometimes my rationale can be painfully blunt.  It really works when I’m giving my opinion to others.

However I can be a bit dense at times.

After 20+ years of smoking, hiding smoking or sitting out in the freezing cold with other smokers, I quit.

Not “thought about quitting” or “asked some friends about quitting”.

I quit.

I had medical assistance, so don’t think I’m a “Cold Turkey” god or something.

The actual act of smoking didn’t cease right away.

But in my head it did.

The process had a starting point:  A quality decision to change.

Parts of the Puzzle

You’ll notice that when you make a quality decision to change something about your life, the smaller day-to-day decisions and thoughts begin to line up with your “big decision”.

For example, you decide to lose weight, you begin to think about things like:

  • Eating better
  • Getting more active day by day
  • Cutting back on sugar
  • Setting some goals
  • Counting some calories

All of these little thoughts of change begin to crop up.

Until you make that “Quality Decision” for yourself, nothing will happen.

If what you want to change doesn’t bother you enough, you likely won’t change it.

You’ll know when the time comes.

It’s like a light switch that flips on in your mind, and then your goal becomes believable.

It all starts with YOU.

What’s your decision today?

Eric • 09/24/2012

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