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Ride The Lightening

If you don't know that I'm a Metallica fan by now, we probably aren't that close.

So let me clarify: I'm a Metallica fan!

The title “Ride The Lightening” seemed appropriate for this post.

Have you ever watched lightening chase across the sky?

It will run in the clouds. Sometimes it will just be a faint flash with no thunder. Occasionally it's close by and very vivid and loud.

It can make your arm hair stand on end or it can inspire you and leave you in awe of what nature has created.

Our emotions and feelings are a lot like that.

We go through life experiencing life through our feelings.

If we feel bad, we dwell and attract the bad world. A negative spiral not unlike watching water in a flushing toilet.

If we feel good, everything seems wonderful and life seems more joyful. Colors are bright, birds are singing and you can feel the sun shine upon your face.

Sometimes we roll up and down this roller coaster of a life, wishing it would just level out!

How can one make the happiness your home?

We spend our time and effort riding those feelings instead of creating them!

The more I've studied on the subject, I've come to believe that we create our feelings, which in turn, brings us what we feel.

Feelings are the proverbial “Chicken before the Egg”.

Feeligns come first, then the results of our feelings flow after them.

In order to change our outcomes, we have to change how we feel first!

Focus on the feeling and results you want and avoid the ones you don't.

Don't even acknowledge the bad vibes! Just replace them with good ones…

Next week, I'll share some techniques I've been using that has helped me change my outcomes in life.

In the mean time, just start thinking:

“I'm in charge of how I feel, which puts me in charge of my destiny”

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Eric • 07/09/2012

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