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Renaissance Of Self

I believe that our world suffered a shock to it’s system after the recession hit us several years ago.

Well, at least my world did.

Ten years ago my focus was financial success. The almighty dollar drove all. It was the symbol of business success. This was the case for many an American.

But the dollar fell, the economy was rocked and our pseudo-security was knocked down like the walls of Jericho…

This exposed a thought:

“If money is no longer my focus, what is?”

Money will come if you think right. You’ll almost always have that ability to create an income if you really, really want to.

Are we doing things just for the fortune, or what the fortune can provide?

My answer lies in the latter.

Some level of security is felt by having large cash stashes, but happiness usually isn’t found there.

Fulfilled living comes from expressing yourself through your career choice.

My talents include:

  • Listening well to others.
  • Being a great problem solver.
  • Being a good personal coach.
  • Having a compassionate heart (although I don’t show it well).
  • Being very analytical and seeing trends.
  • Being very intuitive and reading people’s emotions and thoughts.

So if you take an automotive service manager position and hold it up aginst these talents, you can see why I fit here.

And when using these talents I feel more complete. Empowered.

Now there are aspects of any career that steals your thunder. In my case I think that dealing with constant negatives can steal your soul.

The downside to being a good problem solver is that everyone brings their problems to you.

So, in my rebirth, I’ve found my time to rebuild myself and in turn I will help coach others make their own choices.

So I won’t have to… 🙂 Sounds lazy doesn’t it?

Now it’s your turn!

What are your talents?

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Eric • 05/28/2012

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