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Bring Me To Life

I’ve had a bit of a challenge being consistent in my writing.

To be clear, I write more for my own benefit than anything else. It’s my way of putting my random thoughts to pen and trying to make sense of them.

Now for my most recent mental rumblings…


My topic today is life:

  • Am I alive?
  • Am I living my life?

The answer to my question is unequivocally no!


I’d like to think the opposite, but it seems these days I’ve been swimming in the shallow end of the pool of life.

It’s much like watching TV. An old favorite re-run is on and I’m the star. Similar plot. Same actors. Reliving the same status quo.

Don’t get me wrong. I have had many great experiences in my time on this planet. And I’m experiencing new ones even today.

My question to myself has been growing in intensity over the last few months.

Am I really in the “now”? Am I living these moments under my rules and experiencing my life in living color?

Opening The Crypt

Lifting the lid on the proverbial grave is harder than it seems. But in order to see the light, you’ve got to shed some preconceived notions.

  • Lie #1 -“It worked for me until now, so why change it?”

Just because an idea, action or character trait got you where you are now, it doesn’t mean that it is still the rot way to go about things.

Let’s say you build a business model and a team that yields a specific set of results in your business. Don’t want to mess with something that ain’t broke, right?

Who’s to say that the business you are in didn’t change?

Now you’re target is no longer where you’ve been aiming.

The moral: Be prepared to change, because life is going to do it for you whether you’re ready or not.

  • Lie #2 – “Getting too personal is a bad idea.”

We all have common interests when it comes to those at we work with, but unless you know the real heart of those you are arm-in-arm with you’ll just be another leader without a compass.

Back to a business example.

Lets say we are all marching toward a specific dollar figure. One that you haven’t achieved to date. In order to make that move, everyone needs to feel engaged.

Unless everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and explore what makes them feel valued, you’ll miss the mark.

Everyone has something they are inside that they don’t always show.

Find what makes you and your team tick on an emotional level and help encourage growth.

The moral: Get personal with others. The more you keep them out, the harder it is to experience life.

  • Lie #3 – “It’s ok to settle for something less than your goal.”

This is the worst lie of them all.

Giving up before you get to the end of any journey is stupid.

Yes, there will be setbacks that we all face. But you just can’t lay down and accept defeat and get drawn in to someone else’s objectives.

You’ve got to be yourself in order to contribute to any worthy effort.

The moral: Get started and don’t quit.

Tending To The Dirt

Any time you open the crypt there will be dust and cobwebs.

Time to clean out the cobwebs and dust in your soul, dig deep and reach out for life.

You never know if your time to shine is just around the corner…

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Eric • 05/07/2012

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