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One + One = Three

Me being a former Arkansan has nothing to do with my math as noted in the title.

It’s just me making a point.

(Just explains the poor use of grammar).

The point is this:

The way I’ve been living my live just doesn’t add up!


Me too.

Let me break it down a bit more.

A few days ago I hit a wall of sorts in my career.  It was a level of frustration that I’ve really not experienced before.

You see, I have issues with perfection.

My issues usually surround the lack of perfection.  

I strive to be perfect in:

  • My career,
  • My family,
  • My health,
  • My running, and
  • My performance.

The downside is that I almost demand it in return.

That level of expectation upon myself, much less others, has caused me to reach a point where something has got to give.  It’s become almost detrimental to my life as well as others.

After an email conversation with a colleague, I really started studying the defect in my thinking (being the self-critical person that I am).

Here’s where the bad math comes into play.


The first person in my life is the “me” at work.

I’m a very driven person.  I am goal oriented and I drive hard at making things improve and grow.  Over the last couple of years of focus and intensity, together with a strong group of people, we have been able to make strides in building a legacy of growth and performance.

Something that makes me quite proud.


This is the “me” in the public eye.

You’re looking at me right now.  One who likes to write, read and share about life with high aspirations of helping others through words and deeds.

I am heavy hearted and filled with a strong desire to give and share.

Whether you like it or not…


This is the “me” at home.

Oddly enough I am a very reflective person who enjoys the peace and quiet away from people.  Almost to the point of disconnecting from society.  I would compare it to a sort of anti-social behavior.

But at times I need that quiet to gather my thoughts so I can go another day in the other “roles” of my life.


This is the “me” when no one is looking.

I like to:

  • Sing (only when alone and usually in the car)
  • Write (hence the blogging)
  • Read (when I get spare time)
  • Stalk other peoples’ Facebook photos – especially the funny cats with quotes

I’m a child at heart!

I can’t help it…

All Of This Equals

I try to live all of these “lives” in separate compartments.

The “Work Me” has a different place than the “Home Me”.

Rarely will you see the “Home Me” out in public.

The “Reflective Me” can usually be found on the couch at home.

The “Alone In The Car Singing Me” will never be spotted unless I am on margarita #2 at Superior Bar & Grill and there is a microphone in my face.

What all of this means is that I need to start blending the areas of my life:

  • My work life could use a touch of the passion I share for others.
  • My personal life could use some of the discipline my career has taught me.
  • My family needs to hear me sing once in awhile so they know I’m human.
  • My world needs less “couch” and more “spring”.

Long story short:

My life needs to become one.

Living separately got me this far.

But this is as far as I go until I get to learn how to live as one within….



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Eric • 04/16/2012

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