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A Little Weed Pulling


Well, April showers brings May flowers. What do May flowers bring?

Not much if you don’t tend to the soil, water and light…

Your mind is much like that cluttered closet or a weed-stricken garden:

There’s some weeds that need pulling and junk that needs to be tossed!

Let’s start with a couple of weeds first…

Negative Thinking

Sometimes it is easy to start falling prey to a negative mindset.  Setbacks usually start you to deviate from your task at hand.  I mean, why would you continue if it appears to be failing right?


Failure is only a learning opportunity.  Reset your focus and keep aiming for your end result.

Giving up is the worst thing you can do!  And it usually will start with a thinking problem.

Words That Steal

Avoid verbalizing negative thoughts.

Words often reinforce and give birth to bad things.  Sometimes you might think a negative thought.  You can correct it in your head.

But if you speak it, it’ll take flight.

Change your thoughts and change your words.

It also pays to change your words before in order to change your thoughts…

Catch that?

Distracting Time Magnets

Lots of projects are important.

But ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the task at hand important and relevant to my goal?
  • Can someone else handle the task?
  • Six months from now will it really matter?

So there’s a cobweb removal of the mind for you.

Focus and get your butt back on track!

And, yes, I am preaching to the choir.

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Eric • 04/09/2012

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