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How I Quit Smoking

You know I smoked for about 22 years.

I started when I was the age of 15.  I had a good friend of mine who talked me into trying it.

Having the addictive personality that I do, I thought “Why not?”.

I got that funny little light-headed buzz and thought “Hey, this is kinda fun!”.

Twenty-two years later and somewhere around $30,112 lighter, I had an epiphany.

I had already started my weight loss journey.  I was starting to become active by spending some spare time walking the streets.

Then I decided that I’d try and stretch my legs and run.

What a reality check!

My lungs were no where near ready for the abuse I put them through.

How I Quit

Over the years I tried a few different methods:

  • I tried the gum (which made my mouth sore and my jaw ache).
  • I tried the patches (which gave me some wicked dreams).
  • I tried hypnosis (which made me undress when I heard cowbells).

None of these worked!  I felt just like a lost cause.

The Magic Ingredient

Here comes the secret to quitting.

I decided that I wanted to.

The problem I had was that I really enjoyed smoking.  I really loved cigars.  Especially with a nice glass of wine.

So the magic is that little switch between my ears that flipped.  My brain decided that it was time to stop letting “things” or “habits” control me.

Now I did consult a physician and used a medicinal aid to help with the cravings.  Please consult a physician!

Long story short, I was able to kick the habit.

That was 3 years ago last October.

And I never regret the day I gave them up.

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Eric • 02/29/2012

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