Well, ladies and gents.  Welcome back to a blog post!

I know I haven’t completed one in some time, but life has been somewhat distracting. I’m sure you can relate, right?

Anyway, back to writing a bit more about goals and health.

First, I’d like to say that:

“I ran my first half-marathon!”

Ok, now time to prep for the real deal.  I am looking to the fall.  Memphis probably. Lots of preparation indeed.  Double my longest will require double my effort.

I’ll keep you posted.

Now on a health front, I’d like to also like to recognize my son, Ethan.

Over the last several months, he’s dropped A LOT of pounds.  Enough to change his shirt size from a 2XL to a Medium. That’s impressive!  I’m very proud of him indeed.  It takes some determination to achieve that kind of weight loss.

And props to my wife, who is starting to venture toward running her first 5K!

A lot to be proud of!

Subject change, now.

I’ve been reading some disturbing stats on Childhood Obesity.

I’ll share more on that later…


Hope this finds you well!


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