Spreading Joy with Marie Wikle

Ever so often a new friend will enter your life.  You never know where they come from, yet they make themselves known.

Let me introduce you to Marie Wikle.

Talk about someone with a heart of gold who wants the world to pass on one simple thing:  Joy…

Marie and I have become acquainted on Twitter.  Not sure even where we connected.  Yet Marie has proven herself to be a worthy human being and a great friend to the ericupton.com camp.

An excerpt from her site:

Spreading Joy Corporation is dedicated to reminding others that they can make a difference by doing what they can, where they are, with what they have. Thus enriching our communities by encouraging individuals to focus daily on others.

If that isn’t heart, then what is?

I’m impressed by the level of compassion Marie has to offer.  Maybe you can help her with her cause…

Go to www.spreading-joy.org, or follow her on Twitter!


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